Personal Safety, Client & Public Safety and Property Safety are first on our list each day, at each site.

Carrying out tree related tasks like large or small tree removals, undertaking large and small tree pruning, tree planting and tree felling is never done without risk to Tailored Trees, our clients and public and associated property and tailored Trees reduces this risk thorough, robust Health and Safety policy and procedures.

In May 2016 Tailored Trees was audited by Work Safe NZ , Work Safe NZ was satisfied with Tailored Trees commitment to Health and Safety and Tailored Trees successfully met the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and Tailored Trees maintains this today.

Each day, each site Tailored Trees Utilises a digital Site Specific Safety Plan. With this Site Specific Safety Plan, Tailored Trees can effectively Assess a site for hazards, Identify hazards, implement controls to Manage hazards by either Eliminating, Isolating or Minimising site hazards, and Monitor throughout the duration of the task both the hazards and the controls that have been put in place to ensure the controls work effectively and consistently and that the level of risk involved with site hazards do not increase.

Tailored Trees does engage with other contractors who assist us with tree removals and tree pruning tasks and through our Site Specific Safety Plan we induct all contractors into our site. At all sites Tailored Trees understands that anyone can turn up at anytime so we also inform other visitors to our sites of all site hazards via our Site Specific Safety Plan.

Tailored Trees recognises that sharing this information is paramount for the reduction of risk and injury to all people on site and ensures that everyone gets to go home at the end of the day.

If Tailored trees is at yours under taking tree removals, tree pruning, tree planting carrying out a climbing tree inspection you are assured that we are safe, you, your friends and the public are safe and your property is safe.

A copy of our heath and Safety Policy is available to you on request.