The goal of tree care is healthy, safe trees and all to often tree owners get the “mechanical service” the tree gets pruned.

Tree pruning is a big part of health and safety in trees but when it comes to the ailing giants in our landscape they need a more than a prune. Mature trees/veteran trees are incredibly sensitive to their environment, since the day their seeds germinated they have been growing in away that changes the immediate environment in which they live to promote optimal growing conditions in an attempt to increase its own chances of survival and any slight change to this balance can be detrimental.

Tailored Trees, as tree care professionals, offer you a very contemporary approach to caring for the giant in your property we will develop a detailed tree report, possible causes for any issues found with your tree are determined, your options for tree solutions are highlighted/discussed and the best solution can then be put into action.

Tailored Trees offers, soil core & foliage sample testing if needed to help determine if there are any issues below ground that may be reducing the health of your tree, compost tea brewing and application may be needed to counteract any nutrient deficiencies found and is offered by Tailored Trees.

Please do remember just because your tree may be unhappy and a bit fractured here and there, it doesn't mean that the tree needs to be have many options and Tailored Trees can guide you to your best solution.

A copy of our insurance is available to you for your peace of mind with every request for consultation. A copy of our heath and Safety Policy is also available to you on request