The goal of tree care is healthy, safe trees. A comprehensive Tree inspection is offered for those of you who are uncertain as to the current health and safety of your trees.

Tailored Trees will produce an extensive report of your nominated tree, covering the current health, structural integrity and including but not limited to, tree type, number of trunks, defects, canopy spread, age class, foliage colour & density, annual shoot elongation, site usage, irrigation, past maintenance etc.

Included will be a definitive recommendation for the future management of your tree based on the findings within the report and tree pruning or tree removal may be in the recommendations and also if needed, a schedule for monitoring and future maintenance pruning is also available.

Our Arboricultural company can provide this in a bound, hardcopy or a digital form.

Please do remember just because your tree may be unhappy and a bit fractured here and there, it doesn't mean that the tree needs to be removed, you have many options and our qualified arborists can guide you to your best solution.

A copy of our insurance is available to you for your peace of mind prior to every tree inspection. A copy of our heath and Safety Policy is also available to you on request.