Whether your tree planting project is commercial or residential, large or small, we are ready to work with you.

We can source trees and plants in bulk, provide instructions for their care and take care of their ongoing maintenance with our tree pruning and tree management services.

Tailored Trees staff plant to current industry standards which gives the plants the best possible chance to survive. We can assist with species selection as not all trees will thrive in all locations. When it comes to matching trees to a site there are multiple factors to consider, for example: soil type
soil PH
available light
existing trees/plants and their effects
resistance to external loading (wind, snow)
local temperatures
supplementary irrigation
planting hole shape
organic matter
above & below ground facilities

Tailored Trees offer a, nurturing program post planting, this along with all other factors, after care is very crucial to strong establishment and healthy long lived trees that give for year to come. Give Tailored Trees a call any time for assistance with your tree planting project.

A copy of our insurance is available to you for your peace of mind with every tree planting quotation provided. A copy of our heath and Safety Policy is also available to you on request.