All to often when trees are desired within new landscapes/development sites they are the last aspect that is considered. Unfortunately Trees become the accessory that finishes the project off.

This backward approach to inserting trees into landscape developments, usually leads to unhealthy trees that decline and die far too soon, or they may live/thrive, begin to interact and damage the surrounding infrastructure. These problems manifest because a dynamic/changing object, such as a tree, is either placed within a static/unchanging environment with little room to move or is damaged during the construction stage.

It is crucial that trees to be retained or planted are considered at the beginning stages of any landscape development for adequate space to be provided, this will ensure that the outcome of development and construction actually matches the plan and landscape design originally proposed. Tailored Trees is more than willing to assist you with your landscape design to help you preserve and protect existing trees or require guidance/recommendations regarding space allotments for new trees feel free to contact us any time.

A copy of our insurance is available to you for your peace of mind with every request for consultation. A copy of our heath and Safety Policy is also available to you on request.